At the Institute of Business Consulting Awards 2009, Simplexity was delighted to be recognised as a finalist in Best International Project for its work with the Government and people of the Caribbean island of Aruba.

The ‘Nos Aruba 2025′ (Our Aruba 2025) project established a highly participatory and repeatable process that was used to develop a National Integrated Strategic Plan for the sustainable development of the island.

Over a period of two years, a consortium of three specialist consultancies – Simplexity, Wikima, and Decision Strategies International – worked with a core team to develop and execute a strategic planning process that engaged over half of the island’s 110,000 people.

Commenting on the strength of the consortium, Martin Hazell, Simplexity’s Director responsible for the work explained that “the combination of Simplexity’s appreciative change leadership, Wikima’s strengths in mass participation , and DSI’s scenario planning experience was able to meet the client’s needs exactly”.

Maria Dijkhoff-Pita, Director of the island’s Department of Economic Affairs, Commerce and Industry, praised the consulting team for “their strong guidance and good learning support for all those involved in generating a sustainable process for Aruba”.