Here are some links to research materials on foresight you might find useful, with a brief description of what they provide:

Oxford Futures Library

The Oxford Futures Library is located at the Egrove campus of the Saïd Business School. The Library houses the Pierre Wack Memorial Library and the Boucher Futures Research Library, gifted to Green Templeton College by Napier Collyns and Dr Angela Wilkinson.

The Robert Jungk International Futures Library, Salzburg

In 1986, the long-held wish of Robert Jungk was fulfilled: the foundation of his international Futures Library (German abbreviation: JBZ) in Salzburg. Jungk’s extensive private book collection, at the time approximately 3,500 volumes, became available to the public while likewise creating a center for discussion of future issues. Conceived as a study center for developments in futurology and as a site for dialogue about “possible futures,” this interdisciplinary library currently includes approximately 15,000 volumes and over 160 periodicals. It serves the JBZ-team as well as those near and far interested in their study topics. In 2006, a small reading café was included to facilitate the public. It is a very comprehensive resource, but unfortunately for the non-German speaking world, most of the online materials are only available in German.

The FUTUREPOL Project at SciencesPo, Paris (2012-2016)

The Chief Researcher in the project is historian of futures studies: Dr. Jenny Andersson. The project is funded by the European Research Commission until 2016, and grew out of Dr Andersson’s personal research and interest in the history of futures studies.

UNESCO Archives for Futures Studies and Foresight materials

It appears that some of the WFSF early archives are still being held in the UNESCO archives, along with other futures and foresight material produced within UNESCO or in partnerships between UNESCO, WFSF and other futures organisations. These archives are not well resourced and thus not well catalogued or accessible. Tragically, according to the UNESCO Chief Archivist, M. Jens Boel, some WFSF archives are believed to have been lost in a fire at UNESCO.

The Finland Futures Research Centre in Turku

The Finland Futures Research Centre in Turku is in the process of creating a professional futures archive, particularly related to the work of the late Professor Pentti Malaska. More information is needed as to how this project has progressed.

Stanford University

At Stanford University, the Worldview project is thought to hold the archives from Global Business Network, which was active from 1980 to 2010 and at one time had many of the Fortune 500 companies as members, engaging with their network of remarkable people and researching the future.

OECD International Futures Program

In the Directorate for Science, Technology and Innovation, the International Futures Programme (IFP) has provided strategic, long-term thinking and horizon scanning for the organisation since 1990. The IFP works in two specific sectoral areas: the space sector and the future of the ocean economy. The OECD Space Forum was established in 2006 to assist governments, space-related agencies and the private sector to better identify the statistical contours of the space sector, while investigating space infrastructure’s economic significance, its role in innovation and potential impacts for the larger economy. The project on the Future of the Ocean Economy: Exploring the Prospects for Emerging Ocean Industries to 2030, is designed to gain a better understanding of the future development of ocean-based industries in terms of their potential to generate growth, employment and innovation, with special emphasis on the development potential of emerging ocean-based activities.