We have a small number of strategic partners who bring something of real value to us, and more importantly to our clients.  The nature of the relationships range from investments and joint ventures through to suppliers of critical tools that allow us to shine a light on some of the complexities of human interactions.

Camunico – a cultural leadership firm

Camunico is an international cultural leadership firm founded in the Netherlands in 2011 and headquartered in Amsterdam.  Simplexity has been involved with Camunico since its foundations and is a direct investor in the firm.

Camunico is dedicated to supporting leaders, investors and entrepreneurs to thrive within the complex challenges of contemporary cultures.

Working together our unique combination of skills and insights enables us to help for-profit organisations to create more sustainable advantages; non-profit organisation with issues of strategy, leadership and governance; and social ventures to get the best of both. In all we do, we support organisations to develop and grow successfully within the context of economic, political and societal realities.


LASA – making sense of the future


LASA Insight helps you make sense of today’s uncertain times.

We are an international strategic foresight consultancy built on the learning of Patricia Lustig and her colleagues. Starting in Belgium in 1990 and the UK in 1996 our learning has now come together in this exciting new venture: LASA Insight.

We partner with you as you execute due diligence on your future. You learn by doing as together we:

  • Use Strategic Foresight to explore and make sense of different emerging futures
  • Develop strategies for you to navigate your way to your preferred future
  • Engage your people to implement successfully your strategy and the changes required

Human Insight – predict and manage organisational performance

Human Insight Ltd is an Anglo-Dutch organisation established in 2000 to develop tools based in the principles of business ecology.

Human Insight methodologies predict organisational, departmental and unit performance as strategic tasks that are pursued across a growth cycle, and where execution risk is the greatest. We visualise your company data in order to get a grip on managing the growth phase your organisation finds itself in, in order to prepare for what comes next.

Simplexity is fully accredited in the use of Human Insight tools, which we use to support teams in managing their diversity and delivering their very best. Human Insight tools played a major role in our research into leadership teams in the arts and cultural sector.