In situations where there is considerable flux and uncertainty, with many competing ideas but no right answers – we help you to find solutions that work for your organisation or community

We specialise in helping clients achieve simplicity through solving complex problems

We work with you to …

  • fix broken projects and put them back on track to deliver
  • reconnect strategy to purpose
  • confront corporate risk
  • explore and adopt new ways of working
  • create and exploit opportunities out of adversity
  • be ready, willing and able to meet the challenges of change and complexity
  • address issues of governance, team effectiveness and strategic leadership
  • turn strategy into sustainable benefits for customers, employees, shareholders and communities

How we work

We encourage our clients to explore creative and innovative approaches to learn from patterns and attune leadership accordingly.

We provide the frameworks and support to our clients which enable them to develop their own unique experiments and successful solutions.

We are committed to supporting people to take control of their own futures, and we do this by working with them in highly solutions focussed and appreciative ways.

In dealing with external, political and emotional change, we seek to balance issues of competence with the diversity of innate preferences of human beings in thinking, feeling and behaving.

Who we are

Our consultants are very comfortable with ambiguity and uncertainty. They recognise that they are not engaged to provide standard solutions or expert advice, but to help our clients deal with complexity in all its unique forms. They are comfortable as part of a team and have a highly integrative approach to getting the very best out of people for them to develop solutions to their own challenges. Above all, they are attuned to generativity and a highly appreciative approach to dealing with clients at all levels.

Our team – Our partners – Our clients